#StackBounty: #linux #hard-drive #ubuntu-20.04 #suspend #powersave How can I identify what is preventing my HDDs from suspending?

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I’m using Linux Ubuntu 20.04 with HWE.
I have two HDDs installed and those never go to sleep even if their usage is none for 5+ minutes (that’s the setting in gnome Disks manager).

This used to work some time ago, but now doesn’t seem to.
If I manually put both disks to sleep, those stay as such for hours, so not quite sure what’s preventing this from happening.

How can I find this out?



fuser and/or lsof don’t report of any file open on those mounts (i.e. /disk2 and /disk6) – I’ve set the timer to 5 minutes, from 10 and I’ll report what happens.

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