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I am rendering a diamond isometric map created in Tiled using Monogame.Extended.Tiled package.

Here is where I’m trying to spawn a player with an object at coordinates 224,224 on my map


Here is where it actually spawns within the game world.
Actual game

I have some debug info at the top of the screenshot. 0, 0 in the gameworld is where the first tile is in the middle of the screen.

I understand how to get the correct coordinates when it is a staggered map. I know for a diamond it involves something with the halving the screen size and height but I’m personally stuck and have tried searching for this answer somewhere.

I just want to be able to convert the coordinates Tiled puts out, into the world space. If it comes to it, I will just use my own map renderer and go back to staggered but I would prefer not to.

My tiles are 64px wide, 32px tall

As usual, any help is appreciated and will provide any extra information.


Here are updated screenshots with regards to the comment. I hope they’re correct.

Below are tiles with the coordinates + origin. These are objects in Tiled where I wish to place something.

enter image description here

Here is where they are actually rendered.

enter image description here

I am confused as to why the origin is offset on the Y coordinate like that but this is rendered using Monogame.Extended.

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