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I have a virtual machine with VB where I have three nodes of ethereum the node Node01 is the miner and the rest are peers of it. They are interconnected between them and I can connect via rcp from Remix, deploy contracts, make calls to their functions, and from eth-scan see how blocks are being mined. Inside this machine everything is working. I have the following ports mapped to be able to access from my physical machine and from a second VM.


Now once everything is working from the same virtual machine. I am trying to connect a fourth node to the network from a second VM, for this I have copied the contents of the genesis file of the first machine and I have initialized the peer. Then I have launched geth and I have launched this command with the enode address of the Node01 machine (the one I used to connect the Node02 and Node03 machine). In the other ssh terminal, after launching the command with the enode as a parameter, the terminal shows me constant attempts to search for peer without satisfactory results.

geth --datadir "/home/user/test-network/node04" init "/home/user/test-network/genesis.json"
geth --identity "node04" --allow-insecure-unlock --rpc --rpcaddr "" --rpcport "8003" --rpccorsdomain "*" --rpcapi "eth,net,web3,personal,miner,admin" --http --datadir "/home/user/test-network/node04" --port "30306" --nodiscover --networkid 1900 --nat "any"
geth attach

> admin.addPeer("enode://e33253033fcb3689ced690f492c25feccba0cb8af33fb1f8fdea91787e1bc1bd272959aba601d4a9704048e11abcb1e027ab91106ef4df31102842c183aaf659@")

Response from Node04

These are the open ports from the second VM


At this moment it does not connect with the Node01 peer and is constantly making requests. I read that it could be for some of the reasons that I will put below, and then I even have doubts whether I have the correct ports redirected, but no matter how hard I look, I would say that they are correct.

  • Discrepancy in the time of the machines
  • Ports configuration error

What I can be doing wrong? I leave an image with the summary of the network


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