#StackBounty: #python #openstreetmap #osmnx #nominatim OSMNX does not return graph for all European capitals

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I am confused by the fact that some European capitals do not return a graph when queried with osmnx. It works perfectly for Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, etc., but when I try to run it with Brussels or Athens, I get a NetworkXPointlessConcept: Connectivity is undefined for the null graph. error.

I don’t think this is expected and would appreciate any help if someone knows how to solve this.
I already checked the docs and ensured that all packages are up to date (osmnx is 1.1.1).

import osmnx as ox

# Does *NOT* work
ox.graph_from_place("Brussels, Belgium")

# Does *NOT* work
ox.graph_from_place("Athens, Greece")

# Works
ox.graph_from_place("Berlin, Germany")

# Works
ox.graph_from_place("Zurich, Switzerland")

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