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I am looking for multiplatform desktop screen annotation software.

I am conducting lectures on multiple platforms, sometimes it is windows, sometimes windows, and sometimes macosx.
Recently I was performing the classes using text editors, paint/gimp, etc. but I find it hard sometimes to explain some things this way, it would be really nice to have some tool that gives me the opportunity to draw on the screen and use the same tool on all platforms.

I made some research and found some tools available online.

To summarize I created the below table:

Name Free Windows Linux MacOS Shapes White/blackboard
EpicPen Partially Yes No Yes (only basic) Yes Paid
Windows Snipping Tool Yes Yes No No No No
ppInk Yes Yes No No Yes No
gInk Yes Yes No No Yes No
LiveDraw Yes Yes No No Yes No
OpenBoard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Only
SnagIt No Yes No? No? Yes No?
UltimatePen No No No Yes Yes No
TuxPen Yes Yes? Yes Yes? No? No?
ScreenPen Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Draw Over Yes Yes Yes No Yes No?
Sharex Yes Yes No No Yes No?

I marked bold those that look promising in my opinion (multiplatform and free is the priority). The OpenBoard is the only whiteboard tool, so in some cases, it has limited functionality (and maybe shouldn’t be enumerated here). The tuxpen is NOT completed and even the author writes in README that there are functions not working. The screenpen looks very interesting, the matplotlib support sound very good, but seems it is not a mature software, so I guess some bugs or crashes are possible. Similar case with draw over, which looks like experimental software (written in game engine) and also has limited functionality (no whiteboard, and no macos support).

I would like to know your recommendation especially those who have already used any of these tools or maybe there is someone who tested them already and made the decision which one to use.

Disclaimer: I prepared this table only for my use cases, there are some functionalities that I didn’t enumerate here and may be important for someone else. Please let me know if I missed any software that is worth adding to this list. I used google and GitHub for searching the software

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