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I was trying to understand basics of Bluetooth. I have few queries regarding the scanning and advertising of classic and low energy Bluetooth.

  1. Is EIR data (classic Bluetooth extended inquiry response) and AD data (Bluetooth low energy scan response) read from GAP profile. Where is data from GAP profile stored? Is it on host or controller?
  2. Is there a different GAP profile for classic and different GAP profile for LE ?
  3. When we enable advertising (low energy) using hcitool cmd or enable discoverable mode (classic Bluetooth), how does controller get all the advertisement information (scan response/ extended inquiry response)? Is it stored on controller?
  4. As mentioned in Bluetooth Specification 4.2 section 7.8.8 LE Set Scan Response Data command can be used to provide data for scanning packets. Is this different than GAP ?
  5. Is Gatt Server running before connection is formed ? If not, then how is GAP profile (used for advertising) relevant before connection ?
  6. Can same fields (e.g. device name) from EIR data and AD data be different ?

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