#StackBounty: #synergy Synergy Not Switching monitors correctly using dual monitors on host and client

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I have recently created a 2×2 monitor setup where the top 2 monitors are my work MacOs laptop, and the bottom 2 monitors are my personal Windows10 desktop. I’ve set up to share keyboard and mouse between the 2 machines with Synergy (I believe 1 basic). It’s all working well now besides 1 small issue. If I want to move my mouse from the desktop (server) to the laptop (client), it HAS to be done through the top of the right monitor, if I go to any spot on the top of the left monitor it doesn’t move up. Everything else is working, and even when I move my mouse to the bottom of the top left monitor (laptop) it moves down to the bottom left monitor of the desktop with no issue.

Am I doing something wrong?

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