#StackBounty: #wifi #pi-4 #hotspot Raspberry Pi 4 won't connect to hotspot created by laptop running ubuntu 20

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I am working on a project where I need to connect my RPi 4 to a laptop hotspot. Everything was running OK when I had Ubuntu 18 LTS installed on laptop. After I switched to Ubuntu 20 LTS, RPi 4 won’t connect to it.

I tried connecting RPi 4 to other Wifi networks and to hotspot created with Ubuntu 18 and it worked flawlessly. I tried connecting RPi 3B to the same Ubuntu 20 LTS hotspot and it worked to. So only RPi 4 won’t connect to hotspot with Ubuntu 20.
I am running Raspbian headless and I tried reinstalling it and still doesn’t work. Tried switching a Wifi channel hotspot is running on and no luck. Since I have only two RPi 4 I tried with both of them and got same results.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening?
Where is best to look for some Wifi log files?
Appreciate any help.

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