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I am writing a script that searches the system for files and then for each file does some sanity checks, and if they pass those, I want to display them in fzf. When the item is clicked on in fzf, I want to run the file with a program.

So far I have:


fd . $dir --size +1MB | while read -r line; do
    file_type=$(file -b "$line")
    echo "$line" | fzf
    if [[ "$file_type" == "data" ]]; then
        echo "$file_type"

Basically, I search for files bigger than 1MB in the specified dir. For each file I run the file command and check if the command output returns "data". If it does, I want to add it to the fzf list.
Then, when I click on the item, I want to run the file with the full path with an app: e.g. myapp /path/to/file/selected/in/fzf.

The problem so far is that fzf is blocking, and I can’t populate the list in the loop. Do I really have to add everything to an array first and then pipe this into fzf? Ideally that should happen in parallel, aka, I want to add new items on the fly while the search is still going, instead of waiting for it to complete.

Also I dont know how to later run the selected file.
Can someone help me with this?

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