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So I have the task of classifying sentences based on their level of ‘change talk’ shown. Change talk is a psychology term used in counseling sessions to express how much the client wants to change their behavior.

So let’s say there are two classes: change talk; and non-change talk.

An example of change talk is: "I have to do this." or "I can achieve this."

An example of non-change talk is "I can’t do this." or "I have no motivation."

My issue is, if I want to take a machine learning approach in classifying these sentences, which is the best approach? SVM’s? I do not have a lot of training data. Also – all the tutorials I look at use sentences with obvious words that can easily be classified (e.g. "The baseball game is on tomorrow." -> SPORT, or "Donald Trump will make a TV announcement tomorrow." -> POLITICS).

I feel my data is harder to classify as it typically does not have keywords relating to each class.

Some guidance on how people would approach this task would be great.

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