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I recently got my hands on an older pi (Model 3B), that I had left at my mom’s house some time ago. When I went to start it, it wouldn’t boot. The red light came on but the screen remained black.

I tried swapping the SD card with another one with NOOBS pre-loaded and the Pi worked fine, so I know there’s nothing wrong with the machine.

After some searching, it seems this is a common problem, where a raspberry pi could corrupt its SD card over some time.

Here’s the thing, I remember leaving some rather important information on this SD Card, information that I would much rather not lose.

Could you provide me with some suggestions on how I could go about rectifying this issue?
Any ideas at all are welcome and would be considered.


I forgot to mention: when I mount the SD Card on my linux computer, it shows up as boot and SETTINGS. And I am unable to eject SETTINGS without this warning:

Unable to eject SETTINGS
Error ejecting /dev/mmcblk0: Command-line `eject '/dev/-
mmcblk0" exited with non-zero exit status 1: eject: unable to eject

Trying to mount it elicits a error that’s similar. I can enter into boot however.

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