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I am preparing a comprehensive lecture note that will cover the interconnected topics of three courses. The courses are:

  • Course 1: Fundamental of Topic (including some A and some B)
  • Course 2: Details of A
  • Course 3: Details of B

Now, I am looking for a possibility to mark content that is exclusively in Course 2 or 3. What possibilities do you see, to illustrate such a categorization of content? And what LaTeX packages are available for that?

I was thinking of colored stripes along the margin, colored symbols before the headings, etc. In general, I like The Legrand Orange Book or elegantbook, but I haven’t seen that they provide such a marking/category.

In a general way, I would need a table of contents that has an extra category besides numbering, title and page.

Looking forward to read your thoughts and ideas! Maybe someone can provide examples of similar thinks already done. Thank you!

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