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In the Elasticsearch Spark/Hadoop documentation, I can read the following option :

es.nodes.wan.only (default : false)

Whether the connector is used against an Elasticsearch instance in a cloud/restricted environment over the WAN, such as Amazon Web Services. In this mode, the connector disables discovery and only connects through the declared es.nodes during all operations, including reads and writes. Note that in this mode, performance is highly affected.

The cloud provider of mine, have put an Ha Proxy on top of Elasticsearch. So, I have to set the previous option to true.

So basically, my understanding of this kind of architecture, is that I have only a single URL endpoint to connect to ES and have some high availability (and load balancing) thanks to Ha Proxy, but on the other hand, it hurt the performance a lot ?

Could you please clarify from your experience, if Ha Proxy on top of Elasticsearch is a good practice (or not) ?

Thank you

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