#StackBounty: #android #android-studio #3d #arcore #sceneform Draw Renderable Shape on 3D Model using Sceneform Android

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I am using SceneForm Android SDK to render 3D Model in Android APP.

To display the 3D Model I am using this code below which also supports Rotating and Zooming feature in 3D Model

 private fun renderLocalObject(position: Int) {

            .setSource(appCompatActivity, Uri.parse(models.get(position)))
            .thenAccept { modelRenderable: ModelRenderable ->
            .exceptionally { throwable: Throwable? ->
                var message: String?
                message = if (throwable is CompletionException) {
                    Logger.DebugLog("ERROR LOADING 3D", throwable.message)
                    "Internet is not working"
                } else {
                    Logger.DebugLog("ERROR LOADING 3D", "FAILED TO LOAD")
                    "Can't load Model"


private fun addNodeToScene(model: ModelRenderable) {

    if (sceneView != null) {

        val transformationSystem = makeTransformationSystem()
        val dragTransformableNode = DragTransformableNode(5f, transformationSystem)
        dragTransformableNode.renderable = model

                .addOnPeekTouchListener { hitTestResult: HitTestResult?, motionEvent: MotionEvent? ->

                    when (motionEvent?.action) {
                        MotionEvent.ACTION_UP ->
                            if (hitTestResult != null) {



I want to draw a sphere renderable shape directly over the 3d model, but the Node is not getting stuck model.

Below is the required output

Expected Output

Below is the final output of my code

Final Output

This is my code for adding node

  private fun addDot(hitTestResult: HitTestResult){
    val color = Color(.8f, 0f, 0f)
    MaterialFactory.makeOpaqueWithColor(appCompatActivity, color)
            .thenAccept { material->
                // The sphere is in local coordinate space, so make the center 0,0,0
                val sphere = ShapeFactory.makeSphere(0.05f, Vector3.zero(),
                val indicatorModel = Node()
                indicatorModel.worldPosition = hitTestResult.point
              //  indicatorModel.localPosition = Vector3(0f, 0f, -1f)
                indicatorModel.renderable = sphere
               // sceneView!!.getScene().addChild(indicatorModel)


Is there any way to draw shape directly over the 3d model.

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#StackBounty: #augmented-reality #arcore Visualize the 3D feature map associated with ARCore Cloud Anchors

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I am developing an application using ARCore Cloud Anchors. My question is related to the document describing that, when you host an anchor, it creates a 3D feature map of the environment and binds it to the anchor location and stores it.

Question: Is it possible to visualize the 3D feature map associated with ARCore Cloud Anchors on the application side? I want to know it because, by understanding quantitatively where exactly to scan, the app is able to help the general users to resolve anchors more smoothly.

The documentation also says find an area with visual features that are easily distinguishable from each other, but I don’t think it is quantitative enough to derive the best way to scan an area.

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