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After analyzing multiple reports of spiritual experiences, I’ve identified two general categories:

  1. Bodily manifestations: shaking, jerking, trembling, contorting, etc. (see this related question for examples).
  2. Intense euphoric emotions and sensations: "waves of electricity", "heat", "fire", as well as emotions such as love, peace, joy, etc. (see this related question for examples).

I know several testimonies in which both experiences (bodily manifestations and intense emotions) are reported to have happened concurrently, but I also know testimonies in which only intense emotions and sensations are reported (with no mention of bodily manifestations), and there are also many live recordings of individuals undergoing intense bodily manifestations externally, but we have no way to tell what kinds of emotions and sensations the individuals felt internally (if they felt anything at all).

In the context of spiritual experiences: are bodily manifestations and euphoric emotions and sensations independent phenomena (which may or may not co-occur), or are they inherently tied (and hence they always co-occur)?

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