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My monitor has caused me troubles before, whenever I unplug it and replug it, it could take ~1 hour to detect the input. In the past I ensured not to unplug it, so over nearly a year it didn’t cause me any trouble.

Then today I built a new PC and plugged my monitors into it, now one of them will not work. However I tested using my old PC, the issue is the 100% the monitor

Troubleshooting / info:

I tried a working HDMI cable into a working PC. I have 2 identical monitors, so I even tried the working power cable, still nothing.

If I select a source that has no input, ‘Check Signal Cable’ shows forever, which is expected and means it’s probably not a power issue

When the correct source is selected, The monitor goes black for about 3 seconds, before turning off. It never shows any input

All of the settings on the monitor are grayed out, except System/PC/AV Mode and System/Display Port Ver.. This means the input is not being detected. Testing using my working monitor, those options become available when a source is plugged in.

I’ve read online that this issue can be caused by bulging capacitors, however I took the monitor apart and I don’t see any capacitors at all (unless they are onboard capacitors?):


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