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I installed Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2 with drupal version 7.54 and drupal commerce Version: 7.x-1.14. My problem is I want to send email to the store owner every time an order is completed. So in CheckOut Rules, I created a rule Commerce order message: order notification e-mail.

My Event is Completing the CheckOut Process.
My Action is to Send Mail but in the To field, I could not find the right replacement pattern I need. The referenced custom field field_store_email_address was not available there. Below is the setup

My website sells Pizza, so I have a Pizza content type. In the Pizza content type my fields are Store(field_store) and I will not name other unrelated fields. The field_store in my Pizza content type is a term reference to a vocabulary taxonomy Store. In the taxonomy Store, it has a field store_email_address(field_store_email_address). field_store_email_address is where I want to send my email.

When the checkout process is completed, I want to send an email to unique store owners of items included in the order. So my question here is how will I formulate my Conditions Rules? Please help me.

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My business model is different. I want to create an ecommerce website wherein physical store owners can post their products in my web site. I have successfully installed Ecommerce kickstart but I don’t know how to make this functionality work. Basically I have to create three user roles:

Web Administrator(Me)
Store Owners
  1. How will I make the store owners incapable of editing the products, variation type, contents he doesn’t own?

  2. How will I make the a sign up button for Store Owners? By default, sign up button is for customers.

Any idea will be appreciated.


Is Commerce MarketPlace functioning?

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