#StackBounty: #windows #gratis #open-source #file-management #windows-10 Program to read shortcut (.lnk) files and modify its properties

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I would like to discover a GUI program capable to open/read a shortcut file and modify all of its properties, with total ease (like for example showing the original values in a editable textbox, and a button to save any changes made, preferably with some kind of good error-handling for syntax error and/or non-existent paths).


  • It must be a standalone program with a graphical user-interface. Not a command-line application.

  • The program must be focused to perform this task, preferably having a functionality implemented to drag shortcuts to the program’s window. Avoid hexadecimal programs.

  • The program can run under Windows 10 x64.

  • The program can modify EVERY property of a shortcut file, including target file path, working directory and icon file (and icon index).

  • Freeware. But paid alternatives are welcome to discuss.

Please note that there is nothing useful in this article:

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#StackBounty: #windows #file-management #windows-10 #file-search Software to make tree output humanly readable/browsable?

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For backup purposes I run

tree /f /a > tree.txt
tree /a > treewof.txt

It looks like this in the textfile (this is treewof, without file names, just folder names).

|   +---Actions
|   ---Braid
+---Animated & Gif
|   +---Braid(Game)
|   +---My collection of 900 GIFs
|   +---RudeBootie
|   ---_Reaction
|       +---Abandon Thread_Fuck this shit
|       +---Adventure Time
|       +---Amazed_Excited_Nailed it
|       +---Cats_Pets_Animals
|       +---Children Demolition
|       +---Clapping
|       +---Community
|       +---Controversial (Upvote_Downvote)
|       +---Dancing
|       +---Deal with it
|       +---Didn't read lol
|       +---Disgust

And that’s okay for this amount, but I got txt files as big as 4 mb, you can imagine how many entries there are. Thousand and thousand of entries.

I need a parser or browser or explorer that can make this .txt somehow humanely browsable (searchable would be a neat option, but no must).

For instance I’d like to open and close RudeBootie , Actions, etc. Not view the subfolders and files. But other times I want to do that.

Is there any software like that out there? Or better yet, if there’s a software that can do indexes, just indexes of what’s on a HDD up to and including single files, please mention them. All I need is a viewable/browseable file, that I can browse in case of dataloss, so I know WHAT I lost.


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