#StackBounty: #firefox #google-chrome #skype #19.04 Screen sharing issue on Ubuntu 19.04

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Recently I’ve upgraded my Ubuntu to 19.04. But there I am facing the issue with sharing screen.

On Skype: I installed the latest version of skype. But I can’t see any screen sharing option. First I thought, it might be the problem with skype. And then tried the other options

On Chrome: Then I tried to share the screen with hangout and google meet . And there too, it all came with blank screen on the other side of the call.

On FireFox: Here, when I tried to share screen with hangout and google meet, the problem was same as with chrome.

I tried to enable sharing option from settings as well. There I couldn’t see the screen sharing option:
enter image description here

Even thought I enable sharing option from top right, it gets disabled when I close the settings options and again come back there.

Is there any thing that I can do to solve this issue? Please help, It’s blocking my daily work.

Thank You.

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