#StackBounty: #command-line #gnome #nautilus #gvfs #google-drive How to access Google drive using Gnome Online Accounts (GOA) in comman…

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Before anything, this is not (as far as I could search) a duplicate.

I enabled GOA for my Google account and enabled Files, so my account showed up in Nautilus under my computer just fine. To my surprise I also have Thunar file manager and it showed up there too. Great!

Now I was wondering if I could access it using the terminal, or Terminator or whatever terminal emulator I have installed. Following some recommendations I found online, since this is a Gnome Virtual File System (GVFS) I listed the contents of my gvfs location like below:

ls "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"/gvfs/google-drive:host=gmail.com,user=username

And it showed (apparently) my files and folders but in a somewhat decoded format, like below:

ls "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"/gvfs/google-drive:host=gmail.com,user=username
0B2f4njx3e-blablalba    0B2f4njx3e-blablalbe
0B2f4njx3e-blablalbi    0B2f4njx3e-blablalbo

So, I thought the native gvfs tools could, maybe decode that on the fly, so I tried the below which showed a similar output:

$ gvfs-ls google-drive://username@gmail.com/

Well, has anyone seen that before? And could anyone make it work?

I know there is a FUSE-like driver by some enthusiast that apparently works and I will totally try it if this native one doesn’t work, but I wanted to be able to be sure there is no way to make it work with native software.

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#StackBounty: #google-drive #dropbox #video #video-streaming Looking for website for watching Dropbox/Google Drive videos online

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I want to watch videos with my friends together. Usually we create Zoom conference and just click “Start” on the video simultaneously.

The problem is we usually watch our selfmade videos which we cannot upload on YouTube and Vimeo because of copyright issues (I’ve tried and got my videos banned). Uploading the video on Dropbox/Google Drive solves this problem, but I couldn’t find any website similar to Watch2gether which supports streaming from any cloud drive.

Is there any website that supports cloud drives?

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#StackBounty: #google-drive #google-drive-file-stream Cant map google drive shortcut as it changes path on automatic update

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The problem is i cant map the application executable on startup correctly and users cant have a desktop icon for Google Drive and the only way i see this working fine is turning off google drive updates?

The issue is caused when google drive does an automatic update, It creates a new sub folder in the main folder C:Program FilesGoogleDrive File Stream followed by the buildrelease number.

enter image description here

Now the GoogleDriveFS.exe application is located in so the desktop shortcut no longer works as the path made on the install points to C:Program FilesGoogleDrive File Stream35.0.13.0GoogleDriveFS.exe which no longer exists (Directory Empty).

I am aware of the AutoStartOnLogin registry entry but this seems to be hit an miss for starting everytime and even if it did the users desktop shortcuts would still not work…

All google drives were installed with the following parameters
GoogleDriveFSSetup --silent --desktop_shortcut

enter image description here

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