#StackBounty: #20.04 #sound #kubuntu #bluetooth #pulseaudio Stop application/pulse audio changing Bluetooth Profile when joining a call

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I have a pair of bluetooth headphones, and a separate microphone, so I have the headphones set to use the "High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink)" Profile, so the audio quality isn’t trash. When, however, I join calls on some conference software, such as Microsoft Teams, the profile is automatically changed from A2DP Sink to HSP/HFP, causing the quality to turn into as if I’m using a mobile phone from the 1980’s.

I also, at the same time, wanted to stop application’s audio being muted when I join a call, and I discovered a solution to that in the question How to stop gnome from muting my music? I assume, therefore, there is likely a similar setting in Pulse Audio to stop it changing the profile when I join a call, but of searchfu hasn’t yielded any results and the linked blog in the above answer is a dead link. Does anyone know which I need to (un)comment or amend to stop it changing the profile? As I am using a separate microphone, then changing the profile makes no sense, as the headphone’s inbuilt mic shouldn’t be being used.

More odd is that if I join to call, change all the settings back (including the input volume as for some reason it resets that too) and then rejoin the call it doesn’t change the settings again; it is only the first time I join a call that boot cycle. Also, odd again, when I turn the headphones on for the first time in a boot cycle, they will connect using A2DP sink, and will continue to do so if I power them off and on. If, however, I join a call (which results in the profile change), and then later, after fixing the settings, power the headphones off, and then on again later they will connect using HSP/HFP even though they were using A2DP Sink when powered off here. This suggests it’s not Teams that’s changing the profile but likely PulseAudio.

Does anyone know how I can stop PulseAudio making automatic choices on what profile to use when I join a call for a Bluetooth device?

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#StackBounty: #kubuntu #kde #power-management #hibernate Kubuntu 20.10 does not hibernate when I close laptop

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I’ve set system to hibernate when I close laptop in KDE settings, both for battery and cable. Hibernation works fine when I execute it from KDE menu but does not work when I close laptop despite system settings. Strange, but recently it was working correctly, don’t know what happened and why now it is broken, I haven’t touched anything related, only upgraded system from time to time. Grep dmesg by "hibernation" shows nothing interesting. Laptop – ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8.

Could anybody help me get hibernation back to work?

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