#StackBounty: #mount #libreoffice #snap #fstab #ntfs Is it possible to allow LibreOffice installed as Snap to access files from fixed N…

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I need to have modern LibreOffice 7 on my Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS system with full its integration to the system.

I have installed it with snap install libreoffice.

What is strange it can’t access the files on my NTFS volume which is mounted via line in the /etc/fstab:

$ cat /etc/fstab | grep Windows
UUID=66DE0665334C2F51       /home/norbert/Windows/DATA  ntfs-3g users,defaults 0 4 

$ mount | grep Windows
/dev/sdb5 on /home/norbert/Windows/DATA type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,allow_other,blksize=4096)

Of course I know about :removable-media and it is connected:

$ snap list | grep -i libreoffice
libreoffice                       196    latest/stable  canonical*          -

$ snap interfaces  | grep -v ".*-$" | grep -i libreoffice

'snap interfaces' is deprecated; use 'snap connections'.
:audio-playback                  libreoffice,zoom-client
:cups-control                    libreoffice
:desktop                         freeplane-mindmapping,libreoffice,zoom-client
:desktop-legacy                  freeplane-mindmapping,libreoffice
:gsettings                       libreoffice
:home                            freeplane-mindmapping,libreoffice,mdl,zoom-client
:network                         freeplane-mindmapping,libreoffice,zoom-client
:network-bind                    libreoffice,zoom-client
:opengl                          libreoffice,zoom-client
:pulseaudio                      libreoffice
:removable-media                 libreoffice,mdl,zoom-client
:screen-inhibit-control          libreoffice,zoom-client
:unity7                          libreoffice,zoom-client
:wayland                         libreoffice,zoom-client
:x11                             freeplane-mindmapping,libreoffice,zoom-client
gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804  libreoffice
gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes   libreoffice
gtk-common-themes:icon-themes    libreoffice
gtk-common-themes:sound-themes   libreoffice
-                                libreoffice:bluez

I get the following while accessing file inside the /home/norbert/Windows/DATA folder:

access denied
Access to /home/norbert/Windows/DATA/file.doc was denied.

What should I do to allow Snap’ed LibreOffice to access the normally mounted internal fixed drive?

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#StackBounty: #linux #fonts #libreoffice #user-interface Changing the UI font for LibreOffice in Linux

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I’m using the official LibreOffice package for Linux, version 7.0.1, and I’ve no idea how to change the font for the user interface (dialogs, menu, options, etc). I’ve been Googling for that for the past two years and nothing has come up unfortunately. It would be great if someone dug deep into the application and resolved this conundrum. It looks like LibreOffice uses some "default" fonts for Windows/Linux/Mac OS but again, it’s not clear what the defaults are and how to override them. There’s nothing in the options aside from the ability to enable/disable font antialiasing.

Someone who can read code can certainly figure it out but I won’t attempt to comb through 1GB of sources: https://github.com/LibreOffice/core

I’ve found a file which seemingly describes default fonts but it’s too much for me: https://github.com/LibreOffice/core/blob/master/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/VCL.xcu

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#StackBounty: #charts #libreoffice #libreoffice-calc #cells #statistics Libre Office – Single Column Pie Chart

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I want to create a pie chart, for a single column that looks like this:

I tried to select the range, click on Insert -> Chart -> Pie-Chart, but regardless of what I try, I always get an empty chart?
Not quiet sure what I am doing wrong.

Can someone guide me the steps to create a pie chart, that shows how many % are Open-Source, how many % are proprietary and how many are ??? (Unknown). Empty cells should be ignored.

Also – is it possible to process the entry that has both Open-Source, Proprietary as one for each? Basically treat is as two entries, if that makes sense.
I know there are already plenty of posts for similar things, but most of them address either multi column data, and the other ones didn’t help me much.

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#StackBounty: #encryption #libreoffice #pdf #open-source How do I digitally sign PDFs in 2019?

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This older post is either pointing to mostly dead software or the answers are not fully applicable.

I want to take a PDF document, stick in an image of my signature and have this be digitally signed using a certificate so that the document is secured and any changes will be picked up.

I’d like to open a document, navigate to the relevant signature page, click on the line or draw a box, enter a password and my signature should be drawn and certificate used to digitally sign the doc.

I’ve tried the following options and here are the problems:

  • Libre Office: Difficult to sign existing PDF’s, better to create pdf’s with. Have to add signature image separately.

  • PortableSigner: Hard to position signature but does the job

  • Master PDF Editor: Works well but takes 70 dollars to prevent ugly watermark being added to PDF’s

  • Foxit Reader: Only adds image without any certificate signing.

Any ideas?

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#StackBounty: #libreoffice #libreoffice-calc Libreoffice Calc: Pinning a column to multiple sheets?

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I have a libreoffice calc document with multiple sheets. In the first sheet, I have a column that I want to be repeated as the first column in all other sheets.

I know that I can reference cells from another sheet via sheetname.A1 etc, but as the column has a lot of entries and grows over time, I would prefer not having to reference each cell individually. I also tried using split windows / freeze cells, but that doesn’t seem to work across sheets.

Is there a way to add a column from one sheet to all other sheets?

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#StackBounty: #keyboard #libreoffice #keyboard-layout #google #internationalization How to use a virtual keyboard inside Libre Office W…

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My current laptop has a standard (QWERTY) English-Hebrew keyboard that came with my Dell Latitude laptop; nothing is customized.

I need to use Thai letters in general and in a Libre Office Writer (LBW) document in particular.

My problem

I thought to install a Google Virtual Keyboard but I am not sure output would automatically be inside a document edited with LBW.

My question?

How to use a virtual keyboard inside Libre Office Writier?

That is to ask; This Gmail solution seems nice but how could I implement this or similar FOSS and Gratis solution (not necessarily by Google) in the OS layer?

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#StackBounty: #libreoffice #libreoffice-writer #transparency LibreWriter: Semitransparent paragraph area with page background

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How do I make paragraphs that:

  • Have semitransparent area color (e.g. white)
  • Have padding around the text
  • Have visible background image from the page

The result should print like this document prints:
Resulting image

Source ODT: https://cloud.prosa.dk/s/JcDJtBYr7BTFepi/download

The formatting in this document is built in a very wrong way (e.g. padding is done with no-break-spaces and with forced linebreaks in a small font size, indention of the bullet list is done with no-break-spaces, transparency only achieved by building part of the document in Microsoft Word and then reading the file in LibreWriter).

I want to know how to build a document that prints the same as this document (so on paper the result should be very similar to printing the above), but in which the formatting is done using conventional LibreWriter formatting tools (e.g. styles), so that changing the text would not require moving no-break-spaces around.

Preferably with a step by step guide from a new, empty document and a .jpg file that should serve as the background image.


I have been using LibreOffice since it was called StarOffice, so I am not a new user. I have typeset a book in LibreOffice, so I know some of the more advanced features that normal users will never get to.

So I had actually assumed it would be easy to make a document with a background image, with text on top that had paragraphs with semitransparent background and 0,5 cm padding around each paragraph. I assumed I could even define a few styles, so another user could alter the text and add paragraphs without having to fiddle too much with formatting (e.g. avoiding using no-break-space to generate padding).

But it turned out to be much harder: The transparency using Area in paragraph formatting would not allow for seeing a background image through, I found no way to do padding around a paragraph.

So if you think this is easy to do, you will either discover (like I did) that this is not easy, or you know a few tricks in LibreOffice that I do not know, and I therefore ask you to please show how you do this.

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#StackBounty: #libreoffice #spell-check #libreoffice-writer LibreOffice Writer: spell checking of camel-case words

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I’m writing a software documentation using LibreOffice Writer. I often refer to class or function names in this documentation. For example ChessBoard or getCell. These are all underscored with red wavy lines and I’m getting a bit annoyed about it.

Is there an option or add-on that I can turn on so LO would recognize that a capital letter in the middle of the word is a clue that it is a camel-case expression so it should be spell-checked part by part, not all at once?

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