#StackBounty: #mental-illness Is there a national/international coming out day for people with mental health issues?

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I know there’s a general mental health day on October 10th and a Coming out as LGBTQ+ day on October 11th (odd that they’re right next to each other), but I’ve never heard about a day dedicated to needing to "come out" or simply tell people you love that you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Due to mental health issues being so stigmatized, telling people you have a mental health disorder can be nerve wracking and can even bar you from working certain jobs. So is there a nationally and/or internationally recognized day where we "come out" of the "closet" as people with mental health disorders?

P.S. as a bisexual woman, I know the LGBTQ+ comparison to mental health issues is problematic but I only brought it up because I want to know if there is a mental health version of LGBTQ coming out day.

This is the only article I could find that mentioned both in this way:

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