#StackBounty: #windows-10 #multiple-monitors #hdmi #kvm-switch HDMI KVM switch not recognizing laptop

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I need to use my single monitor (HDMI, Samsung SyncMaster B2430) and keyboard / mouse (USB, Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic) with 2 laptops, to be able to switch between the two easily with one click of a button.

My 1st laptop is my old Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C, running Windows 10 Home (with a micro HDMI port).

My 2nd laptop is a Dell Precision 5520, running Windows 10 Enterprise (with full HDMI port)

Up till a few months ago I was using a cheap HDMI Switch, (3-port Duronic).

It was working fine (I was switching the keyboard separately by swapping the dongle), but at some point it stopped recognising my Samsung Laptop. I thought it was something wrong with the HDMI switch, given its such a cheap device, and didn’t bother doing any more troubleshooting.

Instead I went ahead and bought a Bowu 2 USB HDMI KVM-Switch. This one also takes USB so with one button I also switch the keyboard and mouse, not just the monitor.
The USB switching works perfectly between the two laptops on the new KVM switch.

The problem is that when I connect my Samsung laptop through the new switch the monitor does not recognize the signal. But when I connect them directly it works, so I know that the HDMI port on my laptop is not busted. It is also strange that both HDMI switches are behaving in this way.

Samsung Laptop -> Monitor = OK

Samsung Laptop -> KVM Port 1 -> Monitor = NOK
Dell Laptop -> KVM Port 2 -> Monitor = OK

Dell Laptop -> KVM Port 1 -> Monitor = OK
Samsung Laptop -> KVM Port 2 -> Monitor = NOK

I also tried swapping cables to eliminate the possibility of a faulty cable.

Given that this used to work before with my old HDMI switch, and suddenly it stopped, I am starting to suspect it must be some driver or windows update issue that screwed this up, or some display setting which somehow is not compatible, although I don’t recall changing any resolution or display settings.

Is there any way or any tool I could use to debug what is going on when the HDMI handshake takes place between my laptop and monitor through the KVM?

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#StackBounty: #windows-10 #multiple-monitors #hp-pavilion Windows 10 – Randomly drops display

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I’m using Windows 10 on an HP EliteBook and when I am at work I have it hooked up to 2 additional displays. Specs attached at the bottom of the post.

If I put the machine to sleep/lock the screen, often when I return, the machine awakens/unlocks without issue, but the native laptop display is now no longer recognized. It’s not until I go into system settings, and “Detect” that it is reconsidered as a connected display.

In addition, randomly throughout the day, the entire set of screens will go blank for two-three seconds, and it appears to be a display connection reset of some sort. (On further reflection, I’m wondering if this is related to an issue with the magnifier application; it only happens when that is activated. The first, and major issue is persistent regardless of magnifier.)

My questions are: Is this a known issue, or am I abusing my video card? If it is an issue, is there a workaround? Or should I be exercising my warranty?

Edit: I looked up the max resolution for the Intel HD Graphics 520 video card and my monitors take up only about 84% of it. Similarly, it advertises that it can support 3 displays. So it should be built to handle this use case.

laptop specs attached here
display specs attached here

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