#StackBounty: #updates #openwrt #firmware #policy #lede When is it time to update OpenWRT on a router?

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Am using OpenWRT/LEDE on a great deal of various routers (the work they do is amazing!) and the open firmware works faster and better than the factory fw.

However, they don’t release anymore “stable” version, (the last is 18.06.2), since the “joint venture” with LEDE.

The reason given was basically that with so many routers supported, people should carefully install the latest available snapshot. “Carefully” because the soft evolves, add features and fix bugs, and the team doesn’t test all routers after each change (obviously) ; so a new version might not fit within the memory/flash constraints of such and such router after a change (there could be some regression as well).

The routers work ok, and I chose not to (take the risk to) update anymore, but maybe I’m missing new interesting features, or some performance gain (or bug fixes)?

Is there a better recommended “policy” to follow, regarding OpenWRT/LEDE updates? Any advice on when to update?

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