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I am trying to update my redux model from my reducer. The model is an extension of an Immutable Record class. I am trying to update the Record with the set method:

import { List, Record } from 'immutable';
import { IFaqItem } from './api.models';

export interface IFaqsState {
  loading?: boolean;
  items?: List<IFaqItem>;
const faqsState = Record({
  loading: false,
  items: List()

class FaqsState extends faqsState implements IFaqsState {
  loading: boolean;
  items: List<IFaqItem>;

  with(props: IFaqsState) {
    this.set('loading', props.loading);
    return this;

export default FaqsState;

The reducer contains the following:

  let response: IFaqsGetResponse = action.payload.response && action.payload.response.response;
  return state.with({
    loading: false,
    items: List(response)

However this gives me the following error:

Error: Cannot set on an immutable record.

How do I solve this?

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