#StackBounty: #mmo #rpg #server Code reuse for a CRPG data model on the server-side

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I’m working on a turn-based game with CRPG elements in HTML5. It has to support 10K+ CCUs. (Concurrently Connected Users)

The CRPG elements in the game are item and character systems:

  • The game has characters, characters have items.
  • Items may be worn or used as consumables.
  • Items may be crafted and upgraded.
  • Characters gain experience and get new levels.
  • Characters and items have characteristics (like health, attack strength etc.).
  • Items worn and consumables used may affect character characteristics.
  • Characters may strike each other, and strike outcome is calculated based on the effective characteristics of the attacker and target.

All of the above has to be stored and handled on the server-side.

To avoid developing everything from scratch for the 100th time, I’d like to maximize my reuse of existing code: original, free, or commercial.

I can adapt the CRPG model requirements to the implementation limitations to a certain (considerable) extent. Technology stack does not matter much either — as long as it is reasonably scalable.

How can I author my server-side solution to maximize code reuse?

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#StackBounty: #unity #2d #rpg #sorting Issue with Sorting Layers with an NPC and Tilemap

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I have a weird thing happening, that I can’t quite explain. I have two scenes, my starting town, and an Arcanist’s shop. When I go into the Arcanist’s Shop, the Arcanist NPC stays on the same sorting layer (background layer 0) as my checkered tiles, and the table is background layer 1. When I start the game, the NPC will switch between being “behind” the table, or on top of it whenever I reenter the Arcanist’s Shop scene. It seems to switch between background layer 0 and 1 with no cause.

I’ve double checked my sorting layers, they’re all where they should be. I’ve checked the camera’s culling mask, it’s fine. I’ve checked to see if there are any weird components on anything in my shop scene, and there aren’t

See the image attached, this is the same instance of the game, just different times when I enter the Arcanist’s Shop.

enter image description here

Screenshot of my tilemap setup:
enter image description here

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