#StackBounty: #samsung #hardware #samsung-galaxy-s-9 #carriers #voice-over-lte Are VoLTE standards same across the world?

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I have a SIM-free Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F/DS) model. And in my home country (India) VoLTE works fine on it. I’m moving to Japan soon and was thinking of getting a Japanese SIM (The name of the carrier is au) . But I have read many posts about peoples phone not working with au VoLTE service (voice+sms service not working).

Is it possible that different countries use different VoLTE standards and my phone might not support au VoLTE?

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#StackBounty: #samsung #tasker #touchscreen #s-pen S-Pen only (touch screen disabled)?

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I take hand written notes on my Samsung Tablet S3, as well as my Samsung Note 8 phone, using the S Pen. Both are on Android 9. Palm rejection and other accidental touches are mostly rejected, but not perfectly.

I would like to have a way to turn off the capacitive touch screen (that registers finger touches) but leave the S Pen detection on. In this state, the tablet or phone would respond to the S Pen only, and ignore all other screen touches.

I know there are apps that can perform this feature, but they mostly come with unacceptably broad permissions, including full access to the network, reading contents on the device, etc. This seems like something that should be built into the OS, but I have not found it.

I should add that I own a paid version of Tasker, but am not very good at programming it, in case someone has a good solution for Tasker.

Any advice or hacks?

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#StackBounty: #samsung #hardware How to get data off a completely dead Android phone?

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Phone worked perfectly. Then one day completely dead, nothing at all. It may have been that “one day” was after some time of laying around, cannot recall.

Model: Android AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747 SKU S9255)

Already tried;

  • Charging phone: no visual output at all, no leds
  • Removing battery while charging: no visual output at all, no leds
  • Removing SIM and SD card: no visual output at all, no leds
  • Attempt to turn on: no visual output at all, no leds

I need to get our family photo’s off this phone (stored on internal memory). I care less about the hardware/phone itself.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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#StackBounty: #networking #drivers #printing #scanner #samsung 18.04 and Samsung: Scan to PC not available

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I’m using Samsung XPress 2070FW over WiFi and I cannot get the printer to scan using the on-the-printer scan to pc function. The error message is “Scan to PC not available”. However, scanning using the PC (sane) works fine. The driver is the unified one for the model, but there’s no interface like the one of windows so I cannot tweak scanning on Ubuntu.

Anyone encountered a similar problem?

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#StackBounty: #software-recommendation #samsung #remote #smart-tv GUI application for controlling Samsung Smart TV connected to the sam…

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I noted that there are no questions about this, and it’s sounding very strange.
Anyway, I know the gemote project has been abandoned, so I’m wondering if anything similar has been developed.
In brief, I would like to have a remote controller app in my Ubuntu PC to control my Samsung Smart TV connected to the same local network.

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#StackBounty: #wifi #realtek #chromium-os #samsung Trying to get wifi working on a Samsung N130 running Chromium OS

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I have just installed Chromium OS on an old 32bit Samsung N130 netbook.
I used the latest 32bit image (60.0.3112.102) from Arnold the Bat.

Using the lscpi command , I found that it has the Realtek RTL8192E/RTL8192SE Wifi NIC which is listed as supported in the release notes.

When I try to switch the wifi on using the normal settings it just doesn’t go on.

Having looked into this, I found that this chipset had given problems for people with this laptop before in other Linux distributions. I have encountered similar problems in the past trying to get Broadcom WiFi to work when installing Ubuntu or Debian on older Apple hardware and it could be fixed by installing an application to extract the firmware and install it e.g fwcutter

I know that Chromium OS is Gentoo-based and I do not know the best way to proceed to check if the right driver is installed and to make sure that the wifi can be activated. I have read that Gentoo is for more advanced users and I miss apt-get!

When I next get the chance, I will try installing Ubuntu, saving the /lib/firmware folder and then reinstall Chromium and merge the firmware folder with the Ubuntu one. It might work…

Following the advice from Emmanuel Rosa below:
screenshot as copy/paste didn't work

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