#StackBounty: #18.04 #suspend #power-management #hibernate Prevent sleep/suspend when not logged in to a specific account

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We have a shared office desktop running Ubuntu 18.04 where several jobs (via ssh and screen) often run for weeks on multiple accounts. When logged into an account, sleep/suspend is deactivated through:

  1. Power settings in main System Setting
  2. Using gnome-tweak-tool, setting “Suspend when laptop lid is closed” to off.

This works fine as long as a user with these power settings is always directly logged into the machine (i.e., physically, not via ssh).

The problem is when no user is currently logged in directly i.e., when the machine is at the main login screen (like on boot up). There does not appear to be a way to set sleep/suspend settings when not logged into a specific account. So, if the machine remains on this screen, it eventually sleeps, suspending all the running jobs.

As I mentioned, things work fine as long as some user is logged in. However, this has been viewed as a security risk. So we’d like to find a better system-wide solution.

I should mention that we have another office desktop running Ubuntu 16.04 which does not have this problem.

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#StackBounty: #suspend #lenovo #thinkpad #hibernate Ubuntu 18.04 does not restore from hibernate on X1 Carbon

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I purchased an X1 Carbon because it is supposed to be Ubuntu certified:

50% of the time it fails to restore from hibernation. This makes it useless and I lose all my work. Please, please help. I can’t even tell why it fails. It says it does s2disk before it hibernates, but just freezes on a back screen.

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