#StackBounty: #unity #camera #isometric Constraining an orthographic camera to an isometric world

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I am using Unity3D, and I am building an isometric world by rotating a plane on the Y axis by 4.205 units.

I am using an orthographic camera. I want to constrain the camera so that the viewport never shows the area outside of the world (in green).

Isometric map

  1. How can I calculate the corner points of my rotated plane in screen coordinates, represented by green?
  2. How do I stop the camera from scrolling to prevent it from showing the area outside the world, represented by gray?

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#StackBounty: #unity #launcher #games #steam Remove window borders and unity panels

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I have a multi-monitor setup with two screens. I’d like to stream a game with OBS, but still be able to use my second screen. If I run the game in fullscreen, I can un-capture mouse and keyboard with Shift+Tab (showing me the Steam overlay). But as soon as I click outside of the game, the recording of the game is missing a part of the game screen (although the steam overlay is still completely visible)

If I put the game into window mode, tabbing out works like it should, but, well, the game is in a window not in full screen, and therefore, the bottom and left part are incomplete due to the window having FullHD resolution (the Unity panels are in the way).

Can I somehow, on Ubuntu 16.10, remove the title bar of one single application and make that application overlap both the Unity launcher (the thing on the left with the program icons) and the Unity title bar (the thing on the top with WiFi, Network, Date, User, etc.)? I want the game to run in window mode, but still using the complete screen without using any window decorations – I can’t use actual fullscreen mode cause that messes up the capture if I do something on the other screen.

I could use the Ubuntu configuration “Screen Display” to make the launcher appear on just one screen – but that doesn’t make the title bar of the window go away, nor does it hide Unity’s title bar.

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