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I’m brand spanking new to react. I am officially done beating my head against a wall. I just can’t figure this out. This is my situation:

I am trying to get the results of an API call into a table. I have the call to the API working and results coming back. I am stuck on how to get my array updated with the data that came back. After that is done then I can populate the table with the data (at least logically that’s the way what my brain tells me).

Initial form state setup:

const initialFormState = {
    fileTypeId : '',
    companyMasterId: '',
    investmentCompanyId: '',
    startDate: '',
    endDate: '',
    result: '',
    fileLogs: []

All of the fields above are fields on the formdatabase. The API call takes these parameters to call a stored procedure that returns a result set based on the search parameters. fileLogs[] is where I want to put the data that comes back. I wasn’t sure if I need to move it out of this setup and use useState just for that as a separate thing?

reducer initialization:

 const [formState, dispatch] = useReducer (formReducer, initialFormState)

reducer setup


import actionTypes from "./actionTypes"

const formReducer = (state, action) => {
    switch (action.type) {
        case actionTypes.handle_input_text:
            return {
                //using the spread operator (…state) to copy across all the properties and values from the state object. 
                //then we can modify the values of specific state properties by explicitly declaring them again with a new value.
                [action.field]: action.payload,
        case actionTypes.toggle_consent:
                hasConsented: !state.hasConsented
        case actionTypes.on_success:
            return{...state, filelogs: action.payload}     
            return state
export default formReducer

API call

function getFileRouteLogs (e)  {

            //  dispatch({
            //     type: actionTypes.on_success,
            //     // payload: [...formState.fileLogs,  response.data]
            //     payload: response.data
            //     })
            formState.fileLogs = response.data

Handler for form input changes

const handleInputChange = (e) => {
            type: actionTypes.handle_input_text,
            field: e.target.name,
            payload: e.target.value

Form for input

return (
                <h1>File Route Log Search</h1>
                <hr />
                <h2>Form field area</h2>
                <Form onSubmit={getFileRouteLogs}>
                    <FormGroup row>
                        <Label for="fileTypeId" sm={2}>FileTypeId</Label>
                        <Col sm={2}>
                            <Input  type="text" name="fileTypeId" value={formState.fileTypeId} onChange={(e) => handleInputChange(e)}></Input>
                    <FormGroup row>
                        <Label for="companyMasterId" sm={2}>CompanyMasterId</Label>
                        <Col sm={2}>
                            <Input id="companyMasterId" type="text" name="companyMasterId" value={formState.companyMasterId} onChange={(e) => handleInputChange(e)} ></Input>

Attempted table setup to hold data

const FileRouteLogTable = ({formState}) => {
  return (
    <table className="table">
      { (formState.length > 0) ? formState.map( (form, index) => {
           return (
            <tr key={ index }>
              <td>{ form.fileRouteLogId }</td>
              <td>{ form.companyMasterId }</td>
              <td>{ form.fileTypeId}</td>
              <td>{ form.result }</td>
              <td>{ form.investmentCompanyMasterId }</td>
              <td>{ form.fileName }</td>
         }) : <tr><td colSpan="5">Enter search parameters...</td></tr> }

export default FileRouteLogTable

I was going to try to use a react-table, but I got stuck on updating the data before I could do any table stuff

import { useTable } from 'react-table'
function FileRouteLogTable({ columns, formState }) {
    // Use the state and functions returned from useTable to build your UI
    const {
    } = useTable({
    return (
      <table {...getTableProps()}>
          {headerGroups.map(headerGroup => (
            <tr {...headerGroup.getHeaderGroupProps()}>
              {headerGroup.headers.map(column => (
                <th {...column.getHeaderProps()}>{column.render('Header')}</th>
        <tbody {...getTableBodyProps()}>
          {rows.map((row, i) => {
            return (
              <tr {...row.getRowProps()}>
                {row.cells.map(cell => {
                  return <td {...cell.getCellProps()}>{cell.render('Cell')}</td>
  export default FileRouteLogTable

Any help would be greatly appreciated. All the examples I look at don’t have my combination of factors:

  • functional component
  • use useReducer
  • use axios
  • everything not on one page
  • does not do an API GET call on page load using useEffect
  • does not just display the results in the console log

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