#StackBounty: #verbatim #python Jupyter In/Out without Overflowing

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In Jupyter In and Out Style and Last line in fancyvrb has weird spacing I asked for a neat solution to realize a Jupyter style within LaTeX.

That’s great so far and works quite good and solid. However, it would be perfect to have the input/output numbers not overflowing on the left. Is that possible without too much effort?

The minimal example I am working with is adopted from the answer in Last line in fancyvrb has weird spacing.

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#StackBounty: #footnotes #verbatim Footnotes in a verbatim environment that also appear in (or just below) that environment

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I require a verbatim like environment that allows footnotes and, in addition, displays the footnote text in that environment (as opposed to the page) or just below the environment floating with it.

I have got the following.


{defheader{S#1}Verbatim[label=header, frame=single, commandchars=@{}]}


An apple a day....

 Blah@footnote{Blah.} blah.

...keeps the doctor away.


The footnote numbers appear but the footnote text appears neither on the page nor in the environment. I would like the footnote bodies to appear inside the “boxed” verbatim environment (as opposed to the page).

The footnotes need not be verbatim nor even appear directly in the verbatim environment itself, but they must appear at the bottom of the box around the verbatim.

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