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A friend wants to create an online database that contains every card that exists in the world. This includes everything from magic the gathering, sports cards to normal (52) cards, Risk cards etc. I want to help and although for me it seems impossible to have every card, we could have a lot.

I’m now wondering what would be the best way to store the cards. Is there something like a Wiki, but with more structured data? From one viewpoint a Wiki seems suitable since we don’t have to worry about different data-models for different games (we just enter the cards as free text), but from another viewpoint something like MongoDB seems more suitable, as it’s better to have the data structured and it will be possible for visitors to filter cards on properties of a game. I think there are already too many different games to manually program a View (as in mVc) for each game. Is there something in between MongoDB and a Wiki?

Another idea would be to have a “CMS” with a no-sql database where all cards are in the same table, where you can manually, without programming, create views (i.e. frontend layout) that are selected based on certain properties of each item. For example, you could create a “Mtg Creature View”. And when the card- table contains something like

{ "card-type": "ccg",
  "game": "Magic the gathering",
  "expansion": "Ice Age",
  "type": "Creature",
  "Power": "7"
  "Thoughness": "6" }

then that view will be applied because the “game” and the “type” are a match. Does something like that exist or is it possible to modify an existing framework for this?

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#StackBounty: #linux #offline #wiki Offline desktop wiki that works on my current file structure

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Currently, I organise my research ideas and personal notes in a series of folders, categorised by topics and subtopics, containing mostly notes (text files) and PDFs (and a few other types of files like images, videos, etc).

I recently came across personal Wiki software, which allows you to organise notes and ideas, link between them (like Wikipedia), manage files, and many many other things. I want to transform my existing structure of notes and files into a wiki one.

After doing a bit of research, I decided to try zim-wiki, which seems pretty intuitive and effective. However, I did not manage to import my current structure into the software. My files do not have a .txt extension and file names have spaces and other symbols not permitted for Windows (I use Linux, and the software seems to be tailored for Windows users). These characteristics make importing my current file structure in zim-wiki not possible. I would need to manually make all my files compliant with the Windows rules, which is a daunting task.

Thus, I am looking for a solution to my problem. Namely, I want a software that works upon my current file structure. I do not want to make changes. Ideally, the wiki has to work offline, and in Linux (I use Ubuntu 16.04).

I’ve seen docuwiki and mediawiki, but they seem too advanced for what I really need. It’s unclear to me whether they work offline or not, and whether they can work upon my current file structure. So, i do not know whether they are useful or not. Does anyone know a wiki software that can integrate with my current file structure? Or perhaps, does anyone know how to import current file structure, with my caveats above, into zim-wiki?

PS: there are other posts asking for software recommendations (e.g.g here and here), but they are not specific to a given issue, like mine.

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