#StackBounty: #debian #i3 #x2go i3-status freezes

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I’m running i3 windows manager on Debian 10 and I’m connecting to the computer through X2go as I’m working at home at the moment.

Since the upgrade from Debian 9 to Debian 10 (done recently) the i3-status bar freezes and I have to ‘reload’ i3 which is a slight pain.

Here is my .i3status.conf

general {
    interval        = 1
    colors          = true
    color_good      = '#88b090'
    color_degraded  = '#ccdc90'
    color_bad       = '#e89393'

# order += "volume master"
# order += "disk /"
# order += "disk /home"
# order += "disk /media/data"
# order += "ethernet br0"
# order += "cpu_temperature 0"
# order += "memory"
# order += "load"
order += "tztime local"

# ethernet br0 {
#     #if you use %speed, i3status requires root privileges
#     format_up = "%ip (%speed)"
#     format_down = ""
# }

tztime local {
    format = "%A %e.%B %H:%M:%S"

# load {
#     format = "%1min"
# }

# cpu_usage {
#     format = "%usage"
# }

# cpu_temperature 0 {
#   format = "%degreesĀ°C"
# }

# disk "/" {
#   format = "/ %avail"
#   prefix_type = custom
# }

# disk "/home" {
#   format = "/home %avail"
#   prefix_type = custom
# }

# disk "/media/data" {
#   format = "/media/data %avail"
#   prefix_type = custom
# }

# volume master {
#     format = "VOL: %volume "
#     format_muted = "MUTE "
#     device = "default"
#     mixer = "Master"
#     mixer_idx = 0
# }

When it freezes the time isn’t moving but I can still see the date and time just in a frozen state.

I’ve tried running i3status in a terminal and it’s been running fine for a few weeks non-stop;

Here is the output (note this is when I had all my settings on in my config and I haven’t had to restart it since);

 ~ % i3status
i3status: trying to auto-detect output_format setting
i3status: auto-detected "term"
/ 6.5 GB | /home 103.1 GB | /media/data 543.9 GB | 4.29 | Monday 28.September 09:10:16

I cannot replicate the problem but I think it might have something to do with when I exit X2go. When I exit X2go I keep the session running in the background, then the next day I connect to it. Now when it’s in this state is when it typically freezes. Maybe i3-status doesn’t like to be in an X2go session which has been detached but still running.

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#StackBounty: #ubuntu #command-line #ssh #x2go Git auth on EC2 works via command line within X2GO, but not by SSH

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I work on multiple EC2 instances which each contain repos that need frequent updating. So I ssh to the EC2 instance, cd to the repo, and run git pull. Simple enough.

The problem is outlined in the diagram below. The git pull only works when I

  • from my laptop, log remotely into my workstation via X2G0
  • open a terminal window in the GUI
  • ssh into the EC2 from within the workstation

It does not work when I:

  • ssh directly to the EC2 from my laptop, even though I authenticate with the same key

It even does not work when I

  • from my laptop, ssh into my workstation
  • ssh into the EC2 from within the workstation

It is the last one that is a particular puzzler and has cost me some productive time when X2GO is not feasible. What settings could be different about opening a terminal window within the Ubuntu GUI, and then using ssh there, that are not present when I ssh to the same computer and am therefore on the command line already? All the same environment variables are present.

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#StackBounty: #clipboard #x2go #x2goclient clipboard stops working on x2go windows client when accessing ubuntu server

Bounty: 50

I am using this windows client to access Ubuntu:

enter image description here

When I reconnect, clipboard usually works, but some time later it usually stop working. But clipboard I mean copying in windows and pasting in Windows. This is version of my server: Are there any related known issues? I was not able to google anything, but this happens regularly and reproduces for other developers in my team.

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#StackBounty: #keyboard #x2go #x2goclient Arrow keys randomly stop working in x2go

Bounty: 100

I am connecting from Ubuntu Linux 18 to another Ubuntu linux machine with x2go. Connection works, but some keys don’t, especially arrow keys. When I press up arrow, it starts screen capture:

enter image description here

I tried some recipes from this question: https://serverfault.com/questions/582552/x2go-arrow-key-is-not-working-properly
but they don’t help. setxkbmap us -print | xkbcomp – $DISPLAY — doesn’t fix the problem. I tried to play with keyboard settings here:

enter image description here

but it doesn’t help also. How can I fix it?

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