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I am trying to get the blue rectangle container to have a large z-index then the other boxes when hovering over elements that overflow the container.

Game 3 here has the larger z-index, but I want to access the Loser select in the blue circle below, however I cant, unless I hover back over the blue rectangle to gain focus.

Is there a way around this where it can be handled with just CSS or do I need Jquery?

I created a Fiddle that can replicate this so ignore any JS errors as the actual page requires quite a bit of includes, however the issue is in tact. Hover over th 4th game which has three dropdowns, Source, Pools, Seeds. You can select Seeds just fine. However, hover over another game at the top then come back down to “Seeds”, you cant select it unless you hover over “Pools” again. I need “Seeds” to always be selectable regardless of what the overflow is.


enter image description here

Current Code For Game Hover (Blue Rectangle area)

The .forward puts a large zindex on the blue rectangle area.

                function () {
                    if (!$(this).parent().hasClass('editing')) {
                function() {

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